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What is a BizCard?

Green Light to Join CoolTea TodayJust like a normal business card you would hand out at a networking event, a BizCard is essentially your elevator pitch - one that tells qualified prospects who you are, what you do and how they can get in touch with you - therefore a card of introduction that projects your talents and availabilities.

But BizCards go further and provide additional benefits such as: multimedia advantage of being able to include up to six images; backlink SEO (search engine optimization) exposure via a link to your web site; community endorsement and interactive fun via other CoolTea Members who can add comments to your BizCard.

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Why Do I Want One?

Get Your Ticket and Join CoolTea TodayThe short answer = extra exposure for your business and increased SEO for your web site - e.g., many search engines look for links from other sites to your site as a gauge of what is called backlinks and the more qualified backlinks from other sites, the more favorable and higher your search engine rankings.

And because people like to do business with others they know and trust, only BizCards from CoolTea Pro Members are available hence your BizCard separates you from the pack and helps increase the comfort zone for others who might be new to doing business with you.

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How Can I Get One?

BizCards are a FREE service for CoolTea Pro Members. Only one BizCard per CoolTea Pro and you can edit / delete your BizCard 24x7.

Just log in at BizCardGallery.com and then click the "My BizCard" link on the secondary menu on the left - just under the BizCardGallery logo. From there you will have a "Menu of BizCard Options" where you can click to create, edit, and/or delete your BizCard.

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FAQ and Tips

For frequently asked questions and tips about creating BizCards, uploading images, formatting text, etc. - follow this link for the MyCoolTea FAQ.


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