[tab:Our Mission]

Our Mission

The voice-over heard walking into the entrance of Honaunau*, aka the City of Refuge, echoes the spirit of ancient Hawaiian elders and proclaims the two age-old issues of humanity are still with us today – i.e., how to get along with each other and how to use the earth wisely.

Accordingly, it is our goal with CoolTea Conversations to add volume in addressing these two ancient ongoing issues and thereby improve upon today’s getting along with each other and earth-smart departments.

To accomplish our goals we endeavor to provide online tools and foster a growing community that encourages honest dialog amongst a broad base of diverse professionals – a dialog that inspires understanding and appreciation for our differences, varying strengths, talents, sensibilities, et al.

* = see Kona Hawaii -> Honaunau

[tab:Aloha – Message from Chuck]

Aloha – Message from Chuck

In today’s globalized digital world, there seems to be massive polarization of views that pit one camp to one side of an issue or the other side, then proceeds to slander, ridicule, obfuscate, and/or intimidate opposing voices.

Polarization leads to failure and the history of nature proves that symbiotic win-win relations are the long term survivors.

Polarization also coagulates into group think, but group think is akin to the age old saying, “If both of us think alike then one of us is redundant and no longer necessary.”

So now consider the opposite of polarization and reflect on really ancient things like our most basic human needs and how just after shelter, hunting-gathering for food, and procreation, our other most basic human traits include storytelling and conversation – dialogs around campfires with the yin and yang of listening and speaking, of learning and sharing, of being teachable and bestowing the teaching to others.

So conversations count. Always have. Always will.

Thank you in advance for adding your voice to our mix of CoolTea Conversations and here’s hoping it counts towards accomplishing our goals!

Viva the Spirit of Ancient Hawaiians in all of us – Mahalo!

[tab:Frequently Asked Questions]
Note: The FAQs below are specific to the CoolTea Conversation site and there are additional FAQs for CoolTea Members in the MyCoolTea FAQ.

How can I participate with the conversations?

CoolTea Conversations are free to read but write access is reserved for CoolTea Members, who can add comments, access private posts, subscribe to comment threads, etc. Only Pro Members can initiate new conversation threads. To learn about Free Regular and Paid Pro CoolTea Memberships follow this link.

How can I use Smilies?

Check out this post for everything you always wanted to know but might have been reluctant to ask about all things smilies aka emoticons 🙂

How can I include videos in my conversations?

This thread has more information but essentially all you have to do is include a full URL to the Youtube video you would like included and voila – video with the playback controls will appear within your conversation.

How do I get my photo to appear with my comments and posts?

The photos and graphics that appear along with author names are known as gravatars and in this post you can learn more about how they work and where to get your free gravatar.

How can I make links automatically clickable without code?

Easy – just type in a full url – e.g., h t t p … vs starting with w w w … thus you need to have a fully qualified url -> h t t p : / / -> in order for it to be hot linked automatically … Alternatively, you can always use the href method which also allows you to include title and target attributes.

Can I upload images or other files with my conversations?

No – and here is the reason why. In time CoolTea plans to rollout other sites that are focused on just images so to be continued in these file upload depts. Currently both the BizCardGallery.com and IHaveIWant.com sites on this CoolTea Network do allow image uploads for CoolTea Pros.


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