About Event Interest


About Event Interest

Green Light to Join CoolTea TodayEventInterest.Net provides crowdsourcing event technology for independent meeting and event planners (aka Event Organizers) to plan their upcoming events with confidence.

Each Event Organizer is responsible for their event's respective quality, customer service, guarantees, refunds, taxes, etc.

CoolTea provides the ecommerce platform that makes it easy for you to express interest in events hosted by these Event Organizers as well as additional ecommerce technology to RSVP and/or register for their events - enjoy!


Crowdsourcing for Confidence

Get Your Ticket and Join CoolTea TodayAre they interested? Will they attend? Gauge attendee interest before you spend.

Planning events is a difficult and risky business - e.g., mother nature, competing calendar schedules, availabilities, plus other unforeseen uncertainties make it difficult to plan. "If you build it will they attend? And if so, how many will attend?"

Up to now event planning has been a bit of a gamble. But now you can use crowdsourcing techniques and web technology to get a sense in advance of how many, and to what degree, attendees are interested in your next event.

Accordingly, CoolTea presents EventInterest.Net to help meeting and event planners take the guess work out of planning events.

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How It Works

Get Your Ticket and Join CoolTea TodayAs a potential event attendee, there is no cost, no obligation - just a valid email address to confirm your event interest.

First you fill out the Interest Cart form and indicate the degree to which you are interested. Then we send you an email in realtime with your Event Interest Number and a link you need to click on in order to confirm your interest. That's it.

Provided there is enough interest, the event organizers will let you know if they are moving forward and next steps for you to register and pay for your tickets.

Note: we need you to confirm your email address to prevent bogus submissions - so please check your spam filters for email from CoolTea.com and/or EventInterest.Net.

By confirming your email, you are helping to provide a quality measurement of real event interest.

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Commercial Blurbs Encouraged

When you take the time to complete the Interest Cart form, you have the option to create a commercial blurb that appears on the web viewable Wall of Interest.

This is a FREE opportunity for you to promote your interest and your business. After all, that's what networking is all about.

Note: Commercial blurbs are limited to 500 characters, can include a link to your site (or social media profile page) but cannot be edited once you submit the Interest Cart form. Therefore it is best to create your commercial blurb in a text editor like Notepad first, then cut and paste it into the form. Having your name, interest number, blurb and link appear on the Wall of Interest is optional.

PS - If you use Microsoft Word to create your blurb, here is a free site that will scrub your doc file - wordoff.org - and give you plain text that is browser friendly for web forms.



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