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About IHave IWant Ads

Green Light to Join CoolTea TodayIHave IWant Ads are opportunities for entrepreneurs, artists and business professionals to promote their talents and availabilities - in essence, a marketplace of classified ads to help you get the word out about your business, products and/or services.

How Can I Get One?

IHave IWant Ads are a FREE service for CoolTea Pro Members.

IHave IWant Ads are limited to two (2) ads per 24 hours and can be edited or deleted 24x7 (provided ads have not expired; once expired, there is no way to recover or edit). IHave IWant Ads auto expire after 60 days and can include up to three photos per ad.

To create your ads, log in at IHaveIWant.com and click the "Create Ads" link on the secondary menu - just under the IHave IWant logo.


Examples of IHave IWant Ads

Get Your Ticket and Join CoolTea TodayBelow are some real examples from previous CoolTea event attendees and their corresponding IHave IWant ads as part of the online attendee lists.

Innovation for Hire - As a creative consultant I have a background intersecting entrepreneurship, communications and business innovation experience - especially with multimedia and web technologies. I want to work with clients in the metro NY region who are looking to add innovation to their mix and/or bring their multimedia and web development initiatives to the next level.

Early Stage Investors Wanted - I have a patent pending technology that will revolutionize the health care industry and I want to meet with early stage investors interested in participating in $2 million second stage investment for 40% stake in the patent and other intellectual property rights to my product.

Sell Your Home in Two Days - I have 30 years experience as a top selling Realtor in the town of Ridgefield and I want listings from motivated sellers where I can bring my marketing expertise to your property. Some of my recent successes include staging advice to a seller in Tarrytown NY who got a full price offer within two days of listing her home because of my recommendations. Then I found her the house of her dreams here in Ridgefield which she bought a month later.

WordPress Multisite Network Developer - I have experience architecting multisite networks via WordPress 3.x and deployment on LAMP servers and I want to talk with business and nonprofit teams looking to design multisite networks for their own departments, business units and/or affinity groups.

Digital Recording Music Coach - I have ten years experience setting up and running digital recording studios for prosumers and I want to help other musicians setup digital recording studios in their home offices. My specialty is PC-based recording solutions such as Sonar, Soundforge, and Vegas. Whether you are a guitarist with a Stomp box with a USB connection into your laptop, or a fully weighted 88-keys keyboardist with MIDI and audio connections, I can show you how to digitally capture, edit and distribute your muse for audience applause.


History and Background of IHave IWant Ads

The following is a bit long but anyone who has ever gone to a local business networking event, like a chamber meet and greet, might find the following history interesting - enjoy!

Bad Panel Approach Inspires Search for Solutions

It started out by accident while scrubbing audio from a panel discussion for a business networking event I hosted, Leading in the East, way back in 2002 with Fast Company Magazine editors and friends in Stamford Connecticut.

Evidently, the table microphones in front of each of the panelist were still recording when the 200-plus attendees broke off into small groups for a networking exercise that I had designed.

During this section in the recorded audio, I heard this one attendee approach the panel table of seven or eight editors and experts while they were chatting amongst themselves. He abruptly approached the panel and started to tell them that he needed x-amount of money to complete the financing for a new kind of vision technology he and his company invented.

Even listening to the audio source I could tell the panel was nervous and taken back by this man's total inappropriateness.

Without qualifying himself, he just hit them hard and running and gave them nowhere to hook into so after what seemed like a minute or two, one of the panel experts frankly responded with a bit of force, "Hey - don't tell us. Go back into that audience and tell them. Find someone in there that can help you but it is not us."

To which the man stood stunned for a moment to silently process the message, then turned awkwardly back into the room while the panel started to resume their multi-angled conversation - and in the audio you could hear and almost feel them take a big sigh of fresh air as the guy left and they got back to their banter.

I scrubbed that audio from that event for hours. Note each hour recorded easily takes a multiple of 5x - more like 10x to do scrub it well - e.g., first you have to listen to it to understand what you are up against; then a second listen to mark chapter points; a third listen to start to clean for spikes, grunts, coughs, and other ugliness to be removed; then another pass through to polish audio with EQ, levels, etc.

Thus I listened to this guy approaching the panel over and over and each time through it, his voice and his experience stuck with me as, "Gee - as business networking expert and entrepreneur, how can I help guys like that get connected to the people that would be receptive to his message?"

Next Came the Wireless Talking Stick

Around the same time of that panel evening, I also started hosting monthly CoolTea Talks on the second Thursday of each month in Westport Connecticut as the predecessor of the former Connecticut New Media Association.

Attendees varied from all walks of professions and attendance averaged 30-40 - sometimes as high as 100 and as few as ten.

It was during these monthly presentations that I noticed other bad networking behavior, like a software engineer from India going up to people and introducing himself by saying "Hey - I need a job."

I would silently shake my head in disbelief as I witness networking behavior that was just wrong. I also witnessed it done really well by seasoned pros. Thus back to my original premise, "how can I help people better connect."

So that is when I introduced the wireless talking stick whereby before we started the evening's panel presentation, once everybody was seated, I would make short announcements then pass a wireless microphone around the room so that each attendee had an opportunity to have a commercial blurb.

This was a lot of fun and yes, there were some shy types here and there, but most people truly appreciated the opportunity to announce to the whole room their intent for being at a networking event. It also made it easier for people to connect who might have missed meeting somebody earlier who indeed was someone that should be on their networking radar.

The Ah-ha Moment with IHave IWant Event Registration

As CoolTea continued hosting various business networking events, somewhere along the way it dawned on me to try and merge the wireless talking stick into advanced event registration.

We always provided online event tickets at a discount vs a premium fee at the door, but then I realized that everybody coming to these networking events had something to offer and was looking for a particular connection - e.g., for some it might be a job, others a client, for others investors, etc.

So that is when I invented web application code that allowed advanced registered attendees to also create a mini ad during their event registration thereby be a part of a web attendee list that inspired other attendees to search them out. Hence the birth of IHave IWant ads.

But the funny thing was how other professional networking groups, namely communication and pr chapters, started to make fun of CoolTea for this innovation. Yet, within a year of our IHave IWant innovation I learned that some other PR societies started to adopt a similar approach.

Fast forward, here we are at the end of 2011 as I pen this history of IHave IWant Ads. So now we are about to roll out this latest generation - our newest version that allows for images, is SEO friendly, promotes social networking sharing, commenting, etc.

Hence to be continued in this IHave IWant evolution and here is hoping you get to share all you have to give so you get all you want - viva the cycle of business networking.

Cheers - Chuck Scott

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FAQ and Tips

For frequently asked questions and tips about creating BizCards, uploading images, formatting text, etc. - follow this link for the MyCoolTea FAQ.


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