About MyCoolTea

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MyCoolTea = for CoolTea Members Only

Green Light to Join CoolTea TodayMyCoolTea is a private member-only area for CoolTea Members - both CoolTea Free Regular and Paid Pro Members.

CoolTea Members can log in here and non-members can learn more about memberships here (e.g., free regular membership with valid email).

Note: this member-only section can also be accessed directly via this url -> www.MyCoolTea.com

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MyCoolTea = Benefits for CoolTea Members

Get Your Ticket and Join CoolTea TodayMyCoolTea benefits include:

  • Forum Participation with WiseUp Wednesdays - all members can read and write in the WiseUp Wednesday forums but Pro Members enjoy the additional Ask the Expert feature
  • Member Marketplace - create unlimited* member-only marketplace listings; each listing can have up to three corresponding photos; listings are editable 24x7 and auto expire after 90 days (*technically up to 2 marketplace listings per 24 hours)
  • MyCoolTea Account - upgrade, renew your membership, change your email, etc.
  • Member Support - help desk and MyCoolTea FAQ
  • Pro Opportunities - CoolTea Pro Members have additional opportunities such as getting a CoolTea Store, hosting a CoolTea Event, promoting your expertise as featured WiseUp Wendesday Expert

Note that private Marketplace Listings are different from the public IHave IWant Ads and BizCard Gallery listings in that those are viewable to public and search engines, whereas MyCoolTea Marketplace Listings are not and are only viewable by CoolTea Members - both Free Regular and Paid Pro Members.



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