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Join the Party - the CoolTea Party

CoolTea Party Balloons - photo by Chuck Scott - is10-60-17CoolTeaParty.com promotes business connections via business networking events - aka CoolTea Parties - hosted by licensed independent CoolTea Pros - including structured and unstructured CoolTea branded event models such as CoolTea Talks, CoolTea MixedBrews, CoolTea NetworkingU, CoolTea Expoganzas, plus more.

CoolTea has years of proven history hosting successful business networking events in the Fairfield County Connecticut - Westchester County New York corridor.

Now our CoolTea branded event models are licensable for CoolTea Pros to license and host their own CoolTea Parties therefore promoting business connections in your region - e.g., business connections such as to new clients, funding, ideas, investments, jobs, partnerships, projects, social entrepreneurship opportunities.

Thus while other parties might lean to the left or lean to the right, CoolTea is centered on business and growing communities via our blend of brewing CoolTea Parties where COOL = Collaborative Open Objective Logical and TEA = Totally Energizing America.

Accordingly, we invite you to join the party - the CoolTea Party that is either as an event attendee and/or event host.

CoolTeaParty.com - The Party That Means Business!

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Other About CoolTea Party Pages

Here are some other pages about CoolTea Party that you might enjoy for additional background on the who, what, and why of our party:

  • Mixing Politics - business networking and mixing politics - the story of a CoolTea Talk that first took the risk to mix politics with business networking
  • Party Principles - the CoolTea Party Principles and what makes for a party member in good standing
  • Party Mission - the CoolTea Party Mission and the ultimate goal
  • Event Models - different types of branded CoolTea event models that are licensable - aka CoolTea Parties



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