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CoolTea Party Mission

CoolTea Party Balloons - photo by Chuck Scott -is10-60-18Our mission is to answer this age-old question asked by the native Hawaiians:

How to get along with each other and how to collaborate with the earth wisely?

Technically their second part of the question was, "how to use the earth wisely."

But nobody likes to be used, so we're taking liberties to modify that part of their question.

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FYI About the Hawaiian Question

There is an exhibit voiceover at what is now a national park, once sacred ground, on the Big Island of Hawaii, just outside of Kona called Honaunau - aka The City of Refuge.

When I was there, as visitors pushed a red button on the park exhibit, a native male voice spoke, "Even today, the age-old issues of men are still with us – how to get along with each other and how to use the earth wisely."

I've also written about this Hawaiian question in a couple of articles before.

One time as part of a ghost writing chapter, All Lights On - A New Sun Rises in the West, for an author friend years back when he published his book with the aim of promoting democracy by increasing referendum voting.

The other time was when leaving a comment on a blog post about a violent car jacking in Papua New Guinea, apparently one of the most violent countries in the world, with a link back to an essay I wrote about a Reverse Car Jacking on Main Street.

So back to our CoolTea Party Mission - kudos to the Native Hawaiian Elders and their inspiration.

Lets see if Internet technology, social media, and CoolTea Parties can help add volume to speed things up this time and cross an ongoing finish line in this dept of getting along and collaborating with the earth wisely.

Thus to be continued ... Mahalo 🙂



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