CoolTea Music Expoganza

History of Expoganza

This post presents the origins and history of CoolTea Expoganza and why we created this family friendly mini trade show event model. It also details the first CoolTea Music Expoganza hosted in Ridgefield Connecticut.

Accordingly, here you can listen to the radio discussion, download the original event flyer, the local news article, plus get a sense of the event from customer feedback. Click here to read more.

CoolTea Expoganza

There is a CoolTea Exponganza in the planning stages over on EventInterest.Net targeted – see CoolTea Business of WordPress Expoganza – depending of course on attendee interest.

And yes, if interested in this event please be sure to express your interest and help us crowdsource attendee interest so this event becomes a reality – thank you!

Thus to be continued …