Approaching the Ballard Park Tea Party along Main Street Ridgefield

Ballard Park Tea Party

[tab:Background] The Ballard Park Tea Party Rally [tab:Photos] About These Photos of the Ballard Park Tea Party Out of the 140 photos I shot that day, below are the top seventy six. Note I did not intend to edit this down to 76 but I do find the number cosmically funny in that it was […]

Boston Harbor Tallship - photo by Chuck Scott

History of Rallies

This post presents the origins and history of CoolTea Rallies and how Chuck hosted his first rally in 1988 with a David Letterman for President rally on the Capitol Hill steps. This post also goes back to 1980 when Chuck reflects on his summer internship with Senator Weicker and the senator’s comments about the importance of grass roots initiatives. Click here to read more.